Fr. Douglas McKay

Fr. Douglas McKay

Fr. Douglas McKay, Founder of Our House Ministries shares the love of Christ with many through his recovery-based ministry.

Father Douglas McKay was ordained a priest in 1982 for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. For over 20 years, he served as the Chaplain of Holy Family Home, serving the elderly with the Little Sisters of the Poor. He is the Founder and Spiritual Director of Our House Ministries, Inc., in the Grays Ferry section of Philadelphia. He also serves as Chaplain of the Calix Society, Philadelphia Unit, which proclaims the Catholic faith to the Alcoholics Anonymous membership. In 2015, Father McKay was the recipient of the St. Rita Peace Award in recognition of his long term commitment helping the downtrodden overcome life-threatening addictions to alcohol, drugs, depression and crime.

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