Jul 12, 2016

Be Still and Know That I Am God

woman praying

“Be still and know that I am God. There is so much noise in the world and you avail yourselves to the noise. I very gently remind you to be still, to find a quiet place and come away with me and I will reveal things to you far and beyond your understanding; yes, I Myself, reveal them to you.” – In the Silence of My Heart, Volume 1,2, 3

Unplug your television, shut-off you cell phone for one hour today. Can you disconnect from the constant pressure to have noise in your life? Even if you have children running around the house, you have business meetings and your car needs to go to the shop for repairs, choose one moment today for “sacred silence” with the Lord.

Over 35 years ago, a now deceased Redemptorist priest named Fr. John Lazanski told me in spiritual direction, “your quiet place may have to be while you are stirring spaghetti in the kitchen or changing a dirty diaper. Find one quiet moment in the routine of your daily life to connect with the Lord. When your children are up all night and you need to rock them, make it a prayer time. Don’t ignore these moments of grace in the ordinary moments of life, ” he shared.

The old cliché, “I don’t have time to pray” is simply an excuse not to pray. If you don’t have time to go to adoration or daily Mass, make these ordinary moments your “sacred prayer times.”

If you work endless hours at the office, start your day with one decade of the Holy Rosary before turning on your desk computer or listening to your voicemails. Instead of taking a lunch break, take a “prayer break” by finishing your Rosary or contemplating one line from Sacred Scripture.

Jesus wants to transform your life today, not tomorrow and not years from now. If you are reading this blog, as the young people say, BOOM, He wants you now.

In the writings of St. Thomas a ‘Kempis, My Imitation of Christ, he wrote, “Learn for the Creator’s sake to overcome thyself in all things, and then thou shalt be able to attain to the full knowledge of God.” In other words, in the inner life of the soul, holiness is what the root of the tree is to sap, and the sap is to the tree. The inner life of the soul is defined as the “home-life” with God and the saints; to be interior means to love Jesus enough to converse and live with Him.” St. Julian Eymard.

As you read this blog, ask the Lord and our Blessed Mother to inspire you to practice making your routine, busy life one of prayer and gratitude. Simply pray, “Jesus I trust in You.” The walls of your heart will eventually melt away as your heart becomes softened and pliable.

Quiet places may be found in your home; sacred spaces for you to encounter Christ!

Recollect yourself from the outside to the inside; recollection in the thought of duty, recollection in the grace of virtue; recollection in the love of Jesus Christ.

Yes, business entrepreneur, father, mother, single or divorced, religious, clergy and the non-believer, Jesus is calling you today to find this quiet place to encounter his unconditional love and mercy.

Anne McGlone, Agnus Dei Communications, LTD
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